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Monday, April 8, 2013

November 2012:  Israel attacked the Gaza district of Palestine.

If a Jew were in my shoe, singular, because my parents could afford to buy only one pair of shoes (made in China) that I share with my sister and that, for fun, we sometimes swap left and right depending on the political mood of the country, a country that we don't have... I digress. 

If a Jew were in my shoe and lived on the seashore where Asia meets Africa.. The Jew would see soldiers in uniformed moustaches with two dark lines extending from the tip of the upper lip up to the nostrils. "Ari" was their name, each one of them! I hear glass breaking, again! and it's daytime but the Jew in my shoe thinks it's night, the night of the broken glass, kristallnacht! It's like a weird dream where me and my shoe and the Jew are scared of the soldiers with the black moustaches but this time the soldiers are the Jew, the Jew in my shoe! How could that be? The Jew was supposed to understand.. but the Jew took my shoe! 

Gaza girl.

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