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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Girls got milk, but watch out for skunks!

From a distance one's reaction to the view might be "oh what the heck".  These skunks must have hit a huge patch of steroids except that they are cows and not skunks.  These cows adorned skunk colors, all black and a wide white strip running from head to tail.   I had never seen cows trying to pass for skunks before.  There were normal cows too, but if you don't believe me when I say these cows have skunk features, well, take a look at the evidence.

I tried to talk to the owner about this phenomenon, so I walked towards the barn and when I finally got there I announced myself but no one came out.  I got closer to the door and stuck my head in and to my shock and surprise there was this big mean skunk..  Oh my God, what's this skunk doing? Oh, the horror!  I had to get away in a hurry; besides, the stink of  pungent ammonia smell suddenly filled the place. But is it possible that the skunk, uh! no can't be!!  

They say cows never forget a face.

Many just stared at me..

..and stared, maybe it's the camera. 
Well girls, you sure are pretty..  and who's that in the distance?

doesn't she look like "Pink" the singer?

and moo to yoo too!

ok, now look straight head, pretend you're thinking.  aaaaaaaand perfect. thanks.

I think the girls got milk, whatchu think?

Location:  somewhere in Virginia, the "Bonanza" state