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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tamriyyeh -

Some sweets are much less known than others in a part of the world that prides itself on making Baklava (Ba2lawe), Knafeh, Karabeej Halab, Znoud el Sitt, Halawet El Jiben among many others.  Such less known sweets surface on special occasions in Lebanon namely something called Tamriyyeh.

Tamriyyeh comes to life on the Feast of St. Elias and the Feast of Assumption of Mary (3eed El 3adra), the latter on August 15.  These are two religious feasts at two locations where Tamriyyeh is made fresh before you.  The one that takes place at St. Elias in Mazraa (Mar Elias Btina) is huge and hosts many Tamriyyeh vendors or at least it used.  The other one has one vendor  that sets up in the Kniset El Saydeh, Makhoul Street, Ras Beirut (parallel to Bliss).

Wow, I can almost smell Tamriyyeh!!  
Smeediyyeh, the filling for the pastry is already made and ready.  The dough is oily.  It's stretched out and cut up into squares.  A piece of Smeediyyeh is placed in the center and pressed down lightly.  The dough is then folded from the corners to the center on top of the white Smeediyyeh filling and pressed again, picked up and dropped in oil.   There it fries until golden brown.  When removed it is placed in a strainer to allow excess oil to drain.  One must wait a little for the Tamriyyeh to cool down and then the Tamriyyeh is topped with some confectioner's sugar just before serving.  Ready!    MEEN BADDOOOOO??  want some :)


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