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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Father's side or Mother's side? This will clear things up for uncles, aunts and cousins.

The Arabic language distinguishes between whose side of the family an uncle, aunt or cousin is. And now, the English and French languages DO NOT HAVE TO SUFFER FROM THIS LINGUAL AMBIGUITY ANYMORE !!

I would like to UnVague the english language when it comes to the use of the words uncle, auntie and cousin,  since none would tell you which side of your parents the uncle, auntie or cousin is from.

What applies to the English language also applies to the French language.

I will use two letters to revolutionize the French and the English:
M and F  for English and M and P  for the French.

Used in the following manner, M and F will unveil this cognitive dilemma:
A "muncle" is an uncle on the "M"other's side, while a "funcle" is an uncle on the "F"ather's side.
So, why not Mauntie and Fauntie, Mousins and Fousins.

For the French the spelling and pronunciation is slightly different:
Moncle, Poncle, Mante and Pante, Mousin and Pousin (and the gender consideration: cousine et fousine (not available -yet- in English)).

You get the idea.

Use at your own risk!

(copyright 2007-2011 simon sakkab)

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