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Friday, September 17, 2010

Francois and Felix and Blue Cheese

A real fictional story about blue cheese

The story of blue cheese:

Before blue cheese there was white cheese, yellow cheese and "Kraft". There was soft cheese, hard cheese and cheese with holes. There was cheese with crust that you eat and others with crust that you don't eat. but blue cheese??

Truth be told, blue cheese is 2 french guys punking the americans.

When Francois and his brother Felix, cheese makers, forgot a small batch of cheese in a poorly ventilated area that had suffered from water damage 6 months earlier, the cheese went on to develop a different taste caused by too much mold. The mold apprently liked the cheese as a place to grow, and not only grow but even thrive.

When one day Felix (happy) was puzzled by the growing bad smell he looked around and discovered the old batch of cheese rotting and full of blue color ... mold!! Felix called his brother Francois to show him what had happened. Francois, it is worth mentioning, does not like americans. Why? Because he does not like them, that's all. You either like something or someone, or you don't.

So, Francois sees the cheese and asks Felix if he had any suggestions. Felix says that the cheese is not good, and it's a lesson learned. The cheese, he said, would go to the trash.
Francois looked pensive for a moment and then he smiled. "Mais non Felix" he said. This is the best cheese we ever made. And he continued "first, tell no one of this. This cheese has a name now: Rockfort cheese. I name it like that because its smell is strong like a rock. Besides, with a name like that it would sound really nice and would go great with a Rockfeller wine."Felix did not know what to think of all of this but he knows what his crazy brother Francois is capable of. And he asked Francois as to who might buy this "merde".

Francois was ready for this question:"les americans mon petit frere, les americans.. ils bouffent n'importe quoi. The americans, yessss. they eat anything. They will probably call it blue cheese".
There you have it. The blue cheese story.

draft 1 finished.
written by simon sakkab
created by simon sakkab
tasted by simon sakkab

important notice: no fictional characters were harmed by this story.
personally i think the french have the best cheeses, wine and very fine women :P just don't leave any of them in a wet moldy place!!

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